Putting On The Brakes

My daughter and I were on the Boulevard of the Allies at the height of rush hour traffic.  She was manning the GPS and I had to get into the right lane.  I saw I had room to get over and gunned it to make the switch.  Imagine my surprise when the car in front of me suddenly braked.  I’m a cautious driver and was not following close. That was fortunate because the outcome could have been more severe.  Confusion was overtaken by bewilderment when the driver gave me the finger before speeding off again.  What prompted this act is still a mystery.  I did not cut in front of this car too closely but I guess he didn’t like having to slow down.  

Image result for heavy pittsburgh traffic imagesA week later my daughter had a similar experience on the ice skating rink.  She is a figure skater and was practicing spins.  It was the Monday after Easter so there were very few skaters.  However, one small hockey player sped past and braked directly in front of her. She almost fell.  He kept doing it just to annoy her and there were no guards on the ice. 

Image result for ice skating images

People are positioning for power and control everywhere you go.  Everyone wants to be in front.  Every day I take the parkway into town someone passes the line of stopped cars by speeding down the right shoulder emergency lane.  I am always amazed that someone allows them to merge back into traffic.  

You may not be able to control the behavior of others but Image result for anger cartoon imagesyou can control your reaction.  It is hard to resist getting angry but then the other person wins.  Don’t allow them to control your emotions.  Put it behind you.  Resist dwelling on it all day and telling everyone you see about the negative encounter.  This results in what author Eckhart Tolle calls a pain-body.  It is caused by holding on to bad feelings that feed on suffering.  Bringing up the same event over and over causes you to increase that suffering and internalize it.    The more you bring it up the harder it is to get over. Learn to let go of negative incidents the minute they arise.  
Navigating through the world on a daily basis can present quite a challenge.  But arm yourself with positive energy and you will think you have super powers.  It may not deflect bad things happening but it will help you glide through the day in emotional control.          


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