Shopping With Purpose

Shopping is a necessity that none of us can avoid.  There always seems to be something that you have to obtain and clothing presents one of the biggest challenges.  It always helps to take a friend to give you advice and make it more fun.  But the price of clothes can put you in a tailspin and finding bargains is just too labor intensive if  you shop normal retail stores.  Fortunately Pittsburgh has a trio of swanky, tasteful consignment stores that are run by my favorite non-profit – The National Council of Jewish Women.  Their most upscale store is the Designer Days Boutique in Squirrel Hill at 5873 Forbes Ave.  You will be thrilled to find labels like Chanel, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Louis Vuitton at a fraction of normal retail prices.  They also have a knowledgeable sales force on the floor that are keen consultants for fashionable finds that they can hand pick just for you.

Once a year they have a huge Designer Day event at the Monroeville Expo Mart where you will find a warehouse of merchandise that is the equivalent of at least ten outlet stores combined.  I bought my husband a Ralph Lauren leather jacket there last year that feels like butter.  They also had a huge selection of barely worn tuxedos but I couldn’t persuade him to try one on.  But I plan on dragging him to enough black tie events this year that he will change his mind next time around.  You will also find formals, wedding gowns, children’s clothes, jewelry, luggage, coats, etc.  In fact, you could probably do all your shopping for the whole year under one roof if you just planned properly.  There is such a generosity of donations that it is impossible to sell everything so the leftovers are sent to their Thriftique store in Swissvale.  It is located at 7400 Church Street and their phone number is (412) 271-0544.  Since the Designer Day’s items have been hanging around since November, they are eager to find them good homes and marked everything down 75% today!  This is an awesome deal and you will actually feel good about spending money.

Your dollars will go to improve the quality of life for women, children and families by supporting their Women’s Center, Children’s Rooms in the Courts, Silent Witness Program and many more non-denominational projects.  They have been improving the lives of our residents for generations and are the best group of advocates I’ve ever encountered.

When you have completed your clothes buying spree at Thrifique you will want to check out their Home Goods store that is practically next door.  ImageThis upscale consignment store has everything from antique to modern designs to turn your home into a real showplace.  Mary Ann is almost always on the floor to share her expertise and eye for detail.  She is also a savvy at furniture refurbishing and can give you great advice on creative techniques.

DDB luxury items


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