Aviary Canaries and Bats Oh My!

Canaries have played a large part in our coal mining heritage and are now being recognized by the National Aviary.  Their unique exhibit called Canary’s Call is a new venture that involves museum-style storytelling.  It features interpretive displays to enhance the stories that the birds are telling.  Canaries have been telling us about our natural world since they were first used in coal mines to detect toxic fumes.  This exhibit brings those stories to life.

It not only shows how our winged friends affect our world but also illustrates how humans have negatively impacted their world with population, pollution, habitat loss, invasive species and over consumption.  But it is not just for the birds.  This exhibit includes the amazing flying mammals known as Malayan Flying Foxes. They are giant fruit bats from Asia that are part of the mega-bat family and can reach up to 16  inches long with  six-foot wingspans.  These are the largest bats in the world and really fascinating creatures.  The aviary is known for realistic interaction so I will surprise with this one.  You just have to visit!

It is only fitting to present a such an unusual attraction to mark the 20th Anniversary of the National Aviary.  They have been doing it well for over two decades and pulled out all the stops with this exhibit.  It  also features a larger than life canary cage, a custom built tree for the bat exhibit and two touchscreen kiosks with interactive games.  The piece de resistance are the transformational back-lit LED panels that complement the live exhibits.

This is the nations largest aviary and the only independent nonprofit one.  We have a bountiful bevy of philanthropists in this city that really spoil us with such wonderful venues.  Just another shining example of why Pittsburgh is such a great place to live.


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