Fun, Festive and Fast

We really are getting down to the wire on this whole gift thing.  I always try to keep the holidays simple but there always seems to be an eleventh hour task at hand.  My misanthropic approach to crowds makes me relish the opportunity to shop online but shipping is always a problem.  However, this is the year that I discovered the e-Gift card.  So pure, so simple and so effective.  The recipient may not even suspect that their gift was a swirling afterthought in a sea of chaos.

But not just any e-Card will do.  I seem to cavort with people who possess stellar taste and can be difficult to please.  However, I have never met a soul who is not impressed with Kiehl’s.  They’ve been around since 1851 so they must really know what they are doing. 

A Wonderland of Giving

They always have a limited edition for the holidays that also supports a worthy cause.  The grapefruit whipped body butter hydrates skin and supports Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign.  It is definitely two gifts in one that will warm your heart with every purchase.

Creme de Corps "Grapefruit" Whipped Body Butter - Limited Edition, , large

The Ultimate Man body scrub soap-on-a-rope is a wonderful buy at only $15.00 and prevents any awkward slip ups in the gym shower.  You will never have to bend over to retrieve anything with this slipped over your wrist.  It has such a refreshing scent that women will be encouraged to co-bathe and play tug-of-war. 

"Ultimate Man" Body Scrub    Soap-On-A-Rope Limited Edition, , large

Their website is broken down into easy to find categories such as gifts for all, gifts under $40, $60, $100, gifts for baby and gifts for pets.  Your also receive three complimentary samples of your choice with every purchase to keep or give away. 

Kiehl’s can be a bit hard to find in Pittsburgh since Saks went away but my favorite stop has always been Toadflax on Walnut Street.  You can now find it at Nordstroms in Ross Park Mall too. 

They have always been ahead of the curve to outsmart aging and the thought of animal testing never even crossed their mind.  You can buy with peace of mind from this company and help a great cause along the way. 


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