Blue Dust Christmas

If you know anyone who is having a blue Christmas, send them to the Blue Dust Cafe in Homestead to drown their sorrows in comfort food and a stout brew.  My friend Rob introduced me to this place on his way out of town to a new beginning in Philadelphia.  It is steeped in atmosphere and just hard enough to find to keep the crowds at bay.

Located just over the train tracks at 601 Amity Street it is the perfect retreat after a day fighting the crowds at the water front.  The train plays such a huge role in this restaurant that I was transfixed when the first one went by.  It was so surreal that I felt I could reach out and touch it yet there was little noise or vibration.  The shrill whistle blast shook me out of my reverie and the allusion I had  time traveled to a scene in The Polar Express. 

I’m not a beer drinker but this place is known for its microbrews and boasts the kind of menu that would appeal to  Anthony Bourdain or Guy Ferrari.  Where else will you find pumpkin hummus or a bowl of doom.  They are both vegetarian and top drawer.  It is a family run business and Uncle Jerry oversees the entire operation.  You will always find one of his new and enticing creations on the menu.  He also picked the unusual time frame of Tuesday-Sunday from 11:37 a.m. – 1:07 a.m.  To say this place is a bit avant garde is an understatement.  It is not your average anything.

Even the name was taken from true Pittsburgh roots.  When iron ore is dominated by very fine and soft hematite the grains have a steely blue-grey color.   The soft powdery ore is nicknamed blue dust.  Steel workers often came home covered in this stuff and this pub stop is located at the former entrance to the Homestead Steel Works.

A gift certificate is an ideal choice for the person who has everything and the experience will linger long after the meal is consumed.


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