French-German ARTE TV Likes Pittsburgh

People all over the globe seem to be fascinated with Pittsburgh.  It truly is unlike any other city in the world and recently caught the attention of French-German ARTE TV.  They are similar to our own WQED and have programs centered on culture and the arts.  The transformation of our city from steel town to high tech holds such a aura of fascination that they are doing a web-based documentary about Pittsburgh.  What a wow factor!  This is the most exciting thing I’ve come across in our film mecca metropolis.  Although Rick Sebak has done a great job of documenting our city, it so much more flattering to be recognized by other countries.

For one of the film segments the AERTE crew was interested in showcasing Pittsburgh homes and talking to residents who have experienced the city’s transformation first hand.  They approached none other than our own Jonathan Barnes, who is a recognized world news correspondent and a Carnegie Mellon graduate.  In addition to helping the foreign journalists understand Western Pennsylvania’s history and culture, he helped the French crew define stories and arrange interviews and shoots.

Life is all about connections and Jonathan just happened to have a close relationship with Hilary Masters.  He is a long time resident who is also a renowned author, expert storyteller, world traveler and famous professor.  He watched the city transform first hand during the renovation of his Mexican War Street row-house where he has lived for the past 30 years.    He taught Jonathan in college and became the perfect subject for his successful student.  You can see the interview here:

I will keep you posted on where to watch the entire documentary.  The clip of Hilary is wonderful and I happy to learn of the elevated status of our city.


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