Stress Free Shopping

I was picking up my daughter after school on Friday when the librarian commented on my scarf and asked me where I got it.  It was not a short answer.  I tend to go off the beaten path when searching for clothing and accessories.  I hate the mall and anything mass produced.  If I had the time and the talent to sew my own clothes I would do it.

I had to pause and think about the best way to describe where I got the scarf in question.   I always get comments on it and I guess it is a bit unusual.  It has tones of grey and black in a leopard print that is flecked with sparkle throughout and spouts feathers on each end.  I discovered it during a unique personal shopping experience I had over a year ago.  I met this fabulous woman named Marsha Murman at a professional women’s meeting.  She started her own traveling boutique in 2004 and has a mission statement of adorning the world.  It really is the little things that matter in an outfit and getting it right is hard.  Too much looks garish and the wrong thing stands out.  But Marsha is an expert at making the clothes in your closet look like runway pieces.

I went to her home and ended up having the most stress free shopping experience of my life.  It was comforting and stimulating at the same time.  I was amazed at the transformation of my outfit with just the right scarf.  Marsha guided me the whole way and showed me ingenious ways to wear the accessories that I would never have thought of on my own.  There were no lines to wait in or parking places to find.  And the choices were not too overwhelming.  I once sent my husband to buy pantyhose at a department store and I’ve never seen him so shook up.  There were literally hundreds of selections and the graphs on the back of the package were too much for him.  He ended up begging a woman to help him and he actually made it back home with the right pair.  But he swore he would never go through that again.

It is so much nicer to browse through unique hand selected items that have been carefully chosen from all over the country.  Marsha’s business is called Chloe’s Adornments and her website is  You can find her contact information there and learn more about her business as well.  She is not only a true professional but a genuinely good person as well.  She supports many charitable organizations and has a Woman of Honor Award that she sends out monthly.  You can sign up a deserving person that you know online.  Marsha randomly chooses a name once a month and sends them a free item from her collection.  It is a heart warming act from a person with a big heart.


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