Below Average Genius

Today I was getting cabin fever after all the snow so I made a spurious decision to rush out to the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall to see comedian and newspaper columnist Mike Buzzelli share excerpts from his book Below Average Genius.  I’m so glad I went.  It was one of those life defining moments.  Here was a person I could really relate to who made me laugh.

Mike was immediately likeable and unpretentious.  He is a Pittsburgh native who recently relocated here from L.A.  I  keep running into people who have done this.  Despite the glamour and great weather of the west coast, they prefer to live here.  It used to baffle me but it is starting to make sense.  Pittsburgh is an amazing city that offers a lot for it’s size.  It has a large selection of cultural arts, fine dining and free events.  The concentration of academic institutions and medical  centers provide endless access to stimulating lectures and events.  The popularity of our intellectual audiences never fail to draw the best speakers, authors and entertainers.  Even President Obama has chosen to come here four times.

But the people in this city provide the most magic and Mike’s presentation today was filled with family and friends.  The talk was informal and funny.  Before long the audience participation took on the feel of a family gathering or a class reunion.  I asked so many questions that Michael asked me my name and even invited one person on stage with him.  He is an incredibly gifted writer and comedian who seems to lack an ego.  I am so glad he chose to come back home to Pittsburgh.

I suggest you go and buy his book.  It is filled with comical real life essays that reflect hilarious adventures and west coast culture.  I read it to my husband while he prepared dinner tonight and he could not stop laughing.  You can also follow Mike on Twitter to find out when he will be performing.  He is truly a Pittsburgh gem that you don’t want to miss.


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