The Eyes Have It

It took me years to establish a reliable set of doctors I trust in Pittsburgh and now I have so many that I can never leave.  But it is always a quest when I need to find a new practitioner.  I recently succumbed to my deteriorating eyesight and went in search of an optometrist.  I got a few recommendations and looked online but ended up opting for convenience.  I chose a vanity boutique that carried an impressive collection of fashionable frames.  I thought I should invest in an attractive pair that really reflected my personality.  But it was a decision I was soon to regret.  The appointment was prolonged for hours because there was only one doctor on call and an emergency had occurred.  I had little guidance in picking my frames and the ones I really wanted were not recommended due to my progressive prescription.  I was told that larger lenses would make the adjustment easier.  The price point was higher than I expected and I left the appointment with a rather heavy heart.  I was so exhausted after my long wait that my decision making was compromised.

When my daughter came home with a poor eye test score, I vowed to find the perfect optometrist.  It was actually pretty easy.  Oakmont Eye Care had five star reviews and came highly recommended.  The location was nearby and the office was so pleasant that it felt like a spa.  Low lighting, calm tones and tasteful decorating.  We were treated like rock stars from the moment we came through the door.  Dr. Patricia Napolitan was great with my daughter and actually made the experience fun.  She had state of the art equipment that was able to take a microscopic color photo of the eye and blow it up on a computer screen.  It actually uncovered scar tissue that otherwise would have been impossible to detect.

But my favorite part was picking out the frames.  The optician, Stacey Marinacci, was nothing short of amazing.  She zeroed in on exactly what my daughter Clarice wanted and selected the most flattering options for her to try.   I offered my opinion but it was easy for her to make a decision due to the skillful guidance she received.

The service was so friendly from start to finish that I left actually feeling refreshed.  It was a great start to my day and I now have another expert to add to my list.


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