Hello world!

I relocated to Pittsburgh over 20 years ago and it was a tough transition.  I had never used public transportation and survived quite a few traumatic experiences on the bus.  The love of my life I followed here decided that he didn’t want to marry me after all so I was on my own in this unfamiliar city.  Confusion in transferring car insurance led to a lapse and I was unable to get it renewed so I had to put my car in storage.  And I lost my hard won job within a year of moving here.  But somehow I survived it all and came to love this city.

I am writing this blog to share my discoveries with fellow residents.  I always tell people this city has a lot of hidden jewels that you have to uncover.  It took me years to discover North Park, the Laurel Highlands and Beechwood Farms.  I hope my past reflections and current views help make life a little easier for those who call the Golden Triangle home.


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